Letters to the editor, Feb. 22

Freedom first
Regarding Marty Moore's op-ed page column “Don't Risk Security Over Fake Privacy Fears,” it seems that Moore is on a hard-sell for a police state as described in “1984.”
We should all remember the words of one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.”
Ruth Seal
Irony! Irony!
First, a ceremonial tree being planted to commemorate the massive Starkey Ranch development — “Starkey Developer Plans Thursday Event.”
Second, a man using a ridiculous analogy in a letter to the editor comparing a woman's right to choose to the killing of a horse and then having the audacity to also say that even if a woman is the victim of rape and becomes pregnant that she should, without question, keep the baby.
Has the letter writer ever been raped and become pregnant?
Larry Richards
Not about fairness
Attorney General Eric Holder has decided to have the Justice Department expedite recognition of same-sex couples. Here are some thoughts to ponder.
I'm pretty sure the attorney general and President Barack Obama are doing what they consider to be only fair. Yet, why is it fair to give some people special benefits and protections and not others? Why should two friends living together — or say a brother and sister living together to economize — be shut out of these privileges? Enduring love and commitment are not limited to romantic relationships.
For those on the fence concerning same-sex “marriage,” you need to know that the movement is not about fairness. I wish the best for everyone to relate to others however they desire. We can have a separate debate about to what degree government should be tilted in favor of marriage.
Too often, though, I see a gay movement less about acceptance and more about mocking and rejecting a Biblical underpinning of our society. Those who think it is insufficient to appeal to the Bible for traditional marriage are ironically undermining the very foundation for human rights, equality and dignity in our culture.
Mike Carlson
Weeki Wachee
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