Letters to the editor, Feb. 12

Seniors bullied
While the country is centered on teen bullying, it seems we have forgotten that adult and senior citizens also must deal with bullying — just in a different way.
Some seniors live in communities where there are condo and homeowners associations, association board presidents and members and property managers who never had experience managing people but act as if they are in a powerful position. Many throw their weight around by bullying or harassing residents, thinking it’s OK because older people don’t fight back fearing some sort of retaliation.
As we all know, any form of bullying is wrong, no matter what age. It would be a great help if our legislators would recognize this and pass laws that would help seniors have a zero tolerance ability from these bullies through the Florida Statues that govern these associations.
Ken Tucker
New Port Richey
Wage insanity
Funny thing, statistics. What is poverty? Interview most people “on the dole” in the U.S. and you’ll find that they have TVs, cars, cellphones, sometimes an actual “home” and much more. Then go to Europe, Asia, and Africa and note what real poverty is. Most of our “poverty stricken” would be middle class or even better in those areas.
All those social “programs” Marty Moore mentioned in his column are little more than disincentives to find work, thus adding to the seeming truth of his “statistics.” Note where most of the “downtrodden” live: only where they can get the best freebies.
Moore’s introduction of Social Security into the mix is also a scam. It was paid for by the recipients and would be in fine shape but for the political “raiders” of the account. Take out all the “scammers” and let’s see how his statistics measure up.
I can’t wait for Moore’s column on plutocracy and income equality. “We The People” voted in the plutocrats — I guess that’s our bad — but increasing the minimum wage does nothing but lower employment rates, or raise prices and the level of what’s considered poor.
Robert Renneberg
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