Letters to the editor, Dec. 7

Hateful cartooning
Andy Marlette’s editorial cartoon in your Dec. 4 edition was very disrespectful of the office of the president.
I realize that caricatures are drawn to amplify the prominent features of the person drawn, but Marlette’s depiction of Obama with the elephant-size ears, bullet- shaped cheeks, goofy eyeballs and big teeth go far beyond the elements of decency. A 5-year-old could draw better than that.
I doubt if Andy would ever draw George Washington or Abraham Lincoln — or his own father, for that matter — that way. His Obama rendition shows that he must have an extreme hatred for our president.
Don Jacobs
New Port Richey
Lowry writes hogwash
This is in repsonse to Rich Lowry’s column “The Truth: JFK was Killed by a Communist.”
Please, let’s get this straight. Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist wanna-be. If it were alive today, he’d be a Taliban wanna-be.
What a load of hogwash Lowry writes. One wonders how he thinks. He espouses beliefs that have no foundation in fact often and then lambasts those who disagree with his hallucinations.
How about reading many articles, books and all media on the subject, then winnow out the truths, and they are there. Then, and only then, he should write it. Facts, sometimes, are hard to come by, but obtaining information from all sources is the answer. Though I disagree with him, he is entitled to his opinion, and should write it as opinion, not as “The truth ... ”
L. Vee Dayton
New Port Richey
Stay away
If hackers can access a person’s email and contact list, which happened to me, then what will happen to all the personal information fed into the Healthcare.gov website created under the Affordable Care Act? The answer, my friends, is as widespread an identity theft as could be imagined. This will be in apocalyptic proportions.
So unless you are dumb as a stump or a rabid believer, stay the heck off Healthcare.gov until it is proven and verifiably safe, which I doubt it will ever be.
George Stansbury
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