Letters to the editor, Dec. 11

Rich reactions
Rich Lowry was into his Obama bashing on Dec. 4. I can’t comment on all of it, but here are a few points. Lowry and others talk about the growth of government as if it were the objective of Obama’s presidency rather than an attempt to solve the country’s many problems. Lowry says that Obama doesn’t care if Iran has the bomb when he is trying to stop its development by introducing inspectors. This may avoid another war that Israel would start, dragging us into it.
Then Lowry gets into redistribution and the Affordable Care Act. Wealth is already redistributed when 1 percent has 40 percent. ACA won’t even dent that.
Then he says Obama wants to nationalize health insurance while there are tens of companies vying on the website. Lowry does not seem to know that “nationalize” means government ownership of business. Medicare and Medicaid are nationalized insurance, but ACA is not.
Then he gets into Obama’s causes: climate change, which only idiots deny; immigration reform, even Republicans want it; poverty, which is real, with 20 percent of the children hungry; Israeli-Palestinian strife, threatens world peace; and gay marriage.
John B. Mooney
Big fibbers
On your Dec. 4 Opinion pages, two conservatives told whoppers that require some fact-checking.
A letter headlined “Ruining lives” decried the Affordable Care Act and declared that the U.S. “has the best health care system in the world.” Yes, excellent care is available, but only to those who can afford it.
The CIA’s World Fact Book shows the true costs of our present patchwork system, which leaves many millions without health insurance and many underinsured middle-class people bankrupted by enormous medical bills.
Columnist Rich Lowry served up a whopper in declaring that the ACA is “the left-most plausible version of the law.” Actually, the ACA is modeled after a plan in the 1990s from the conservative Heritage Foundation as the right’s alternative to the single-payer plan then being pushed by Democrat Bill Clinton. Perhaps Germany was his inspiration?
Gary Welcher