Letters to the editor, Aug. 6

Enough said
Once again, I read about big, bad Israel being mean to the Palestinians, who do nothing for themselves except whine to the world about how oppressed they are. They also think nothing of using women and children as human shields.
The left has an affinity for these people who want to destroy Israel and its people.
It sounds to me as if they hate people of the Jewish faith. Well why not? They also hate people of the Christian faith.
I believe that is all that needs to be said about the “tolerant” left.
Larry Whightsil
New Port Richey
Hillary’s ready
In his July 10 column Marty Moore claims he feels “slimed by the Clintons.” I usually agree with Moore but I can’t on this one.
Bill Clinton’s presidency was extremely successful, if not for the impeachment trial led by a GOP-driven Congress. Some might think President Clinton’s behavior led to that impeachment, yet so many of his accusers in the Gingrich-controlled House were guilty of the same behavior. It is truly a wonder the media did not grab hold of that fact while they were riding their own sensational publicity wave.
The same dog and pony show distracted Congress from the looming threat of Osama Bin Laden and made President Clinton more acquiescent to the House Republicans’ agenda of repealing the Glass-Steagal Act and his unfortunate support of NAFTA.
As for Hillary Clinton, she was a woman of accomplishment before she became first lady and a U.S. senator. To say she was stepping out from behind Bill Clinton’s coattails is truly a misrepresentation of her Senate candidacy. She has proven herself to be more than capable of being president.
The political gamesmanship that Republicans displayed in 1998 are the same tactics they have been using against President Barack Obama was elected — to the neglect of the American people.
I am proud to have Barack Obama as president, and I will be equally proud to elect Hillary Clinton to the White House.
Pamela White
New Port Richey
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