Letters to the editor, Aug. 20

Community first
After reading the article in your Aug. 16 edition on Pasco commissioners balking at the cost of building jails and sheriff’s office buildings, I am left asking myself if they live under a rock. Are they so far removed from the real world they have forgotten what matters?
They have chosen to dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into what I refer to as “Marianoville,” the SunWest mine project, which has been doomed from its conception. Who wants to visit an area where prostitutes stroll up and down both sides of U.S. 19 day and night? Driving in and out of my community at any time, day or night, I can watch a drug deal take place.
Maybe with more courthouse space and more money for the Sheriff’s Office we could take care of the real issues plaguing Pasco and not waste our money on a feather in Jack Mariano’s cap. Let’s take care of the needs of our community first.
By the time we are asked for input, plans are underway and our opinions don’t matter. I encourage my neighbors to remember how our elected officials neglect the important things our community needs to indulge themselves.
Sharon Borcherding
Time to forgive
Following the 2008 Lehman Brothers financial debacle, the government-sponsored bailout of the banking sector to boost the economy created an illusion of recovery. Wall Street banks benefited from the bailouts by using special privileges with the Federal Reserve to borrow cheaply to fund speculation using their easy access to capital. Yet savers who need interest income to survive are punished by the low interest rates they receive.
The U.S. economy is collapsing, in part because of the permanent loss of jobs resulting from the collapse of the housing bubble.
God has a solution for our economic dilemma. The Jubilee law described in Leviticus 25 provides a national cancellation of private debt every 50 years. This would provide immediate and future relief from mortgage, student and credit card debt and start to save our nation.
Robert A. Dahlquist
Orange, California
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