Letters to the editor, Aug. 2

Rough start
Your first lesson on being a programmer is to test your system. Pasco Utilities must have missed this step.
Our first water bill on the new system showed us having no usage. Two people in a house for 30 days and no water? Second billing cycle showed 6,000 gallons, plus a late payment charge. My knowledge of accounting does not compute. A zero balance on a bill indicates paid in full.
Someone needs to re-evaluate their work. Friends I talk to have the same questions. It would be businesslike for the utility department to send some info explaining its hiccups.
Fran Mikutis
Choose science
Marty Moore, in his column on the Hobby Lobby decision, said he would believe that corporations are people when Texas executed them.
Do corporations go to heaven when they die? Do Christian capitalists have the right to impose their religious beliefs on their employees in the form of limiting their health care options?
Some of us think that there are too many humans on this planet and we have reached a tipping point where overpopulation is the main threat to the continued existence of all species on this planet. Religion has its place: banished from rational government. Science reigns!
Kristen Lawver
On the GOP
The people blaming President Barack Obama for the current crisis with young children pouring over our southern border unaccompanied by adults should know the law that has allowed this was put into effect under George Bush in 2008 to protect children from human trafficking. At the time, the number of children the president and the Congress were attempting to rescue or protect from being used in illegal human trafficking was significant, but nowhere near what is occurring today.
President Obama has tried to get Congress to pay attention to this crisis and to begin by amending that 2008 law to meet the circumstances of today at the border. Republicans must stop wasting time and money on a frivolous lawsuit and work on something that will begin solving the crisis.
Patricia Houghtalen
New Port Richey
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