Letters to the editor, Aug 13

Vets deserve better
The idea of opening a Veterans Affairs Health clinic in the old Community Hospital in New Port Richey is absurd.
Money would be used refurbishing the old building and not for helping veterans. The possibility of an environmental clean-up itself would cost millions.
Tear the whole building down and start over with a state-of-the-art facility. Don’t Band-Aid the growing problem of management and administration of veteran care.
We deserve better than that.
Bill Brings
Thanks, BAM
Thank you to Books-A-Million and its many wonderful customers.
For the month of June through the July Fourth weekend, Books-A-Million ran a book drive for the students of Hudson Middle School.
As an ongoing community partner, BAM has been very generous over the past years to us. It allows us to showcase our students at an annual book-sharing night and hosts the Hudson Middle School Players, a reader’s theater group, every year as well.
BAM and its extremely generous customers donated approximately 300 books of all genres. It was completely unexpected and it is beyond appreciated. Hudson Middle is a Title I school and donations help keep us going. It is events like this that show us time and time again that “it takes a village.”
A special thank you to General Manager Joshua Spudich, Assistant Manager Jeremy Simpson and all the other wonderful employees at BAM who made this possible.
Rhonda Starr-Odajewski
The writer is a language arts teacher at Hudson Middle School.
No abuse
I picked up my Suncoast News and again saw a letter from someone who has fallen in with the cry babies who think that the animals in the Loomis Circus are being subjected to some kind of premeditated abuse.
The letter writer can love animals and care for as many as she can, without accusing the circus of “degrading elephants and tigers” or any other creature. She will never be required to adhere to all the laws and requirements that circuses and zoos must live by.
James W. Coakley
New Port Richey
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