Letters to the editor, April 5

Explore options
Instead of a public meeting to be held by the company that will prosper from the construction of the controversial proposed elevated toll road along the S. R. 54/56 corridor, why not hold an open public forum with county officials to explore all of the options? Wouldn’t a light rail system be much more in keeping with 21st century aspirations and technology? It would reduce air pollution, conserve energy and provide stress-free commutes.
Mary Taylor
New Port Richey
Support SPCA
Regarding the surplus funds for the city of New Port Richey, I delivered some much-needed dog and cat food to the SPCA Suncoast. I have read several news articles stating the shelter is in a financial crisis due to several unexpected crises that have placed a drain on its budget; and for a time it was on the verge of closing. Nothing like that has happened since the SPCA began serving the area in 1964.
I do not know if the SPCA is within the city, but it provides services to the surrounding areas.
New Port Richey Council members should seriously consider making a donation to this community service nonprofit organization, which helps protect and care for our county’s animals.
Our adopted cat, Lucky, had been found as a kitten in the street during a rainstorm. The SPCA Suncoast saved her from certain death. It does not turn animals away and it should be applauded for the work it does for the entire area.
I am reaching out to the City Council members of New Port Richey to please consider some financial support or a donation for this much-needed service. I notice the volunteer New Port Richey Animal Protection Unit within the city organization was closed Jan. 31; all the more reason to assist the SPCA shelter before our unprotected animals have nowhere to go. I do not know the city government’s policies or procedures, but I am making this request with hope that something can be done.
Joanne Trugman
New Port Richey
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