Letters to the editor, April 30

Find a stoop
I just want to tell Cliven Bundy, the Nevada cattle rancher who was involved in a standoff with the federal Bureau of Land Management and made controversial statements about welfare recipients who sit on stoops, I sat on steps and stoops and porches with grandmothers and mothers and friends and aunts and cousins.
We sat and we laughed and we shared. We were not rich but we had a neighborhood and neighbors, family and friends. Children who sat on steps and stoops with grandmothers have memories and wisdom and love, tolerance and empathy.
I must admit I am running short on tolerance and empathy for Bundy and his supporters and his guns and hate, but I would never resort to violence toward others because truth and humanity are the foundation of those steps and stoops.
I am sorry for Bundy and those who would identify with him. My prayer is that they find a step or a stoop to sit on and heal.
Peno Hardesty
New Port Richey
Steadfast protest
On Mother's Day 2014, the group of protestors at the corner of U.S. 19 and Ridge Road will mark their eighth year of continuous, nonstop protesting of this nation's recent wars with a presence every 7:30-8:30 a.m. Friday. Following the protest, they gather for breakfast at Christina's restaurant in downtown New Port Richey.
Regardless of the weather's cold or rain, despite physical attacks, the group has displayed the flags of several Middle Eastern countries that experience their spring of democracy, along with a huge sign painted on several bed sheets asking passing traffic to “Honk for Peace,” and dozens of smaller hand-carried and displayed signs that include “Bush and Obama: Blood Brothers,” “Drones Kill Innocents,” and “Stop the Slavery of Women.”
Though attendance has dropped from a high of 30 protestors, a stalwart group of six continues to protest. In recent weeks they have carried posters emphasizing the use of drones by the United States regardless of the innocent people killed, and at least once, the deliberate targeting and killing of a U.S. teenager.
In keeping with Mother's Day, during May we will carry signs emphasizing peace over violence directed at women and children. For more information call me at (727) 372-1742.
Dan Callaghan
New Port Richey
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