Clear evidence

At pregnancy centers like the one Cindy Partazana has overseen in New Port Richey the last four years, full-term deliveries are the endearing outcome of the relentless pursuit of gestational education.
In that respect, there is usefulness to the trial and convictions of Kermit Gosnell, who capitalized on our national schizophrenia regarding abortion to convert his West Philadelphia clinic into a slaughterhouse. If nothing else, Partazana, 37, notes, Gosnell’s high-profile horror story broadens acceptance of the argument that “every abortion murders a child.”
Beyond that, it falls to those performing crisis management at places such as the West Pasco Pregnancy Center, Oasis in Land O’Lakes and Wesley Chapel, and the Pregnancy Care Center of Zephyrhills to help women in tight spots see beyond the idea that they’re being punished with a baby.
Confronted with squirming, whimpering, helpless evidence of Kermit Gosnell’s serial butchery, though, our appetites for “choice” vanish. The life within is something besides a parasitic extra spleen or appendix after all.
Instead, it’s an actual human person, according to a Philadelphia jury, entitled to all those rights Thomas Jefferson spelled out in the Declaration of Independence.
As grateful as she is for the begrudging epiphanies triggered by Gosnell, for Partazana there is nothing novel about the truth of pre-birth life, and she has the technology to prove it.
The center’s 4-D ultrasound machine establishes, in mesmerizing detail, clear evidence of human vitality at nearly the microscopic level. At 5 weeks, the heart pulses and limbs have begun to sprout. At 12 weeks, “It’s obviously a bouncing baby in its mother’s womb … where it should remain until God says it’s time to be born.”
Pasco’s crisis pregnancy centers stand ready to lay out the good news. In a post-Gosnell world, surely that becomes the more enticing alternative.
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