Before you anoint Hillary have a real look

I’m insulted. Really insulted. Readers call me all sorts of things, but one has accused me of “undying support for Hillary Clinton.” This was in response to a column in which I accused Republicans of exploiting their latest Benghazi hearing solely for the sake of “embarrassing President Barack Obama and trying to sully a potential 2016 presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton.”
From that, the reader extrapolates that I’m some sort of Hillary fanatic. Now disagreeing with me about the purpose of the hearings is certainly an appropriate subject for debate. But the reader’s total mischaracterization of my point is what I’ve come to expect from critics. I find it stupefying that so many advocates of making English the official language can’t follow it in the first place. Here’s a hint guys: try reading stuff first before deciding what was written.
Anyway, here’s why I’m insulted. I can’t stomach Hillary Clinton. I haven’t been able to tolerate the Clintons since Bill’s original run for the presidency in 1992. I find him manipulative, sleazy and shameless. Hillary fits the mold perfectly.
Hillary is trying to have it both ways: declaring she’s her own independent woman on the one hand and then entitled to bathe in the reflected so-called accomplishments of Bill on the other.
I can see why Republicans are queueing up to oppose a Hillary presidency. What I don’t get is why Democrats are so thrilled at anointing her. Oh sure, the party power brokers, Wall Street money changers and down-ticket candidates favor Clinton for their own venal reasons. But don’t real, working class Democrats remember the damage the previous Clinton administration did to them and the country?
The free trade agreements with Mexico and China that, according to the Economic Policy Institute, accounted for the loss of three million manufacturing jobs, all to benefit American offshore corporations and Wall Street banks. The repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act , resulting in deregulation of investment banks and their exotic financial instruments known as derivatives that eventually led to the 2009 Great Recession? The disregard of the bombings and other warning signs signaling the rise of Osama bin Laden and foreshadowing 9/11?
Somehow, Teflon Bill, with all the scandals, all the drama, remains the most popular former president since FDR. Surely it’s some kind of Jedi mind trick; “nothing to see here ... move along ... move along.”
I’m less concerned with Hillary’s faux pas during her less than stellar book rollout than her predispositions. The “aw shucks, just little ol’ me” scam is right out of the William Jefferson Clinton playbook. In reality, she’s just the same Big Business plutocrat who will surround herself, as did her husband, with Wall Street sycophants.
In former Vermont governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean’s famous characterization, the “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party” needs to take some lessons from the tea party and derail the Hillary train.
Every time I hear her or Bill speak I feel slimed all over. If she becomes president I can see myself taking lots of showers.
Marty Moore is a freelance writer living in Port Richey.
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