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Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015
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Ben Carson, a superior outsider

While Jeb Bush feuds with Donald Trump and others kowtow to him, only one candidate is seriously gaining on him. Ben Carson is now tied with Trump in one Iowa poll and is close in others. His rise suggests that it’s possible to catch the populi...
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Defying predictions

The prices of oil, natural gas, gasoline and other carbon-based energy sources bob up and down on a sea of market forces. One day the petro price line seems headed for the sky and the next its plunging to earth. Nevertheless, given the current stage ...
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Letters to the editor, Sept. 9

Cheap solution
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Valiant Texans stave off takeover

Phew! That was close. But thanks to steadfast vigilance and strategic countermeasures thousands of brave, patriotic Texans have staved off a federal government plot to impose its intolerably temperate policies on the “Republic.” You know ...
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Food fight

Last week the federal government claimed success for a law Congress passed in an attempt to get students to make healthier lunchtime food choices in school cafeterias. As is often the case, however, things may not be that simple. ...
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Letters to the editor, Sept. 2

Nice story
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China’s economic system no world-beater

A funny thing happened on the way to China’s inevitable global dominance — the country’s economic tumult rocked markets around the world.
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Letters to the editor, Aug. 26

Street hazard
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Who will lead?

All the evidence suggests that today’s world is safer and more prosperous than at any moment in human history, so we should always resist the gloom-and-doom scenarios with which we are constantly bombarded. That said there are one or two worris...
Updated: 2 months ago

Irrationality over Planned Parenthood

OK, let’s defund Planned Parenthood, jettisoning contact between 2.8 million mostly poor and young women and their children and professional caregivers in 700 clinics who through preventive care, screenings and treatment are able to bring a sem...
Updated: 2 months ago