White House wrong to fixate on prescription drug prices

Most would not be shocked to learn health care costs — and prices — are going up, not down.
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Threats to manatees and habitat on the rise

Throughout my 40 years as a professional Aquatic Biologist and most of my years as a student to become one, I have appreciated just how important manatees are to the health and welfare of our aquatic ecosystems. Therefore, it is especially disturbing...
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Voters are angry — on bipartisan basis

The late singer Ted Lewis in top hat, cane and tuxedo would look straight at the audience and ask, “Is everybody happy?”
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Letters to the editor, March 30

Fight terror
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Old worry

As the 2016 regular session of the Legislature was ending, one of the Senate’s most powerful members ran up yet another warning flag about how things are going in Tallahassee. According to an article from the Tribune/Naples Daily News Capital B...
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Somewhere Che is smiling over Obama in Cuba

President Barack Obama inadvertently found the perfect photo-op for his Cuba visit at a wreath-laying ceremony at the Jose Marti Memorial in Havana.
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Letters to the editor, March 23

Gross slobs
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Kind of cunning

Barack Obama is probably the coolest cat to come down the pike since the late, great Miles Davis put down his horn. So the president’s decision last week to nominate Merrick Garland, the chief judge of the District of Columbia Circuit Court of ...
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In case that presidential thingy doesn't work out

One of the oldest insults in election campaigns is the other guy “couldn’t be elected dog catcher,” as if dog catchers don’t have feelings too.
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Letters to the editor, March 16

Hacienda memories
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