Big money leads to bad policies

The first efforts at stopping wanton pressure on politicians from wealthy self-servers came in 1832, when President Andrew Jackson, late of the $20 bill, took on the Second Bank of the United States, which spent $40,000 in an unsuccessful attempt to ...
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The outrageous AG attack on Exxon Mobil

It’s not easy to make one of the world’s biggest fossil-fuel companies a sympathetic victim, but a collection of state attorneys general, led by Eric Schneiderman of New York, has managed it.
Published: 04/27/16

Medicare “test” would accelerate cancer clinic closings

For cancer patients, it’s getting harder to find access to quality, affordable care. More than 300 of the nation’s cancer clinics have closed since 2008, and roughly 400 are struggling to make ends meet, according to the Community Oncolog...
Published: 04/20/16

Letters to the Editor, April 20

Gifts squandered
Published: 04/20/16

Nation will lose no matter who wins in November

How in the world did we get here? Every presidential election has its idiosyncrasies and every four years pundits exclaim “this one is different!” These are no simple idiosyncrasies, and this one is more different than anything anyone has...
Published: 04/19/16

Pro-Trump ‘chalkening’ causes vapors in Ann Arbor

Students at the University of Michigan called police the other day — because someone had written Donald Trump’s name in chalk.
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What the First Amendment means to political campaigns

The inflammatory rhetoric, protests and disruption of political rallies in this election year have raised questions about how the First Amendment protections of free speech and assembly fit into the process. The short answer is that the First Amendme...
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North Carolina Potty Wars

One subject that is slowly, if sometimes awkwardly, surfacing in public discourse is where transgender people should go potty. North Carolina just passed the first law in the nation that bans transgender people from using restrooms that clash with th...
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How to boost America’s cybersecurity

Barack Obama just became the first U.S. president to write a line of computer code. The gesture is part of a national push for computer science education. In fact, the White House recently announced a $4 billion “Computer Science for All”...
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Activists shut down fracking with fear

Fear just secured another victory. Under pressure from green activists, the Florida Senate voted down a bill that would have helped expand fracking, the drilling process used to extract oil and natural gas from deep underground. Activists recycled di...
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