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Monday, Oct 05, 2015
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Appetite suppressant

Five years on, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 remains a glass half full-glass half empty proposition. The law’s backers cite the rise in Americans with health insurance as proof the law is working. Detractors counter wit...
Published: 09/29/15

Letters to the editor, Sept. 30

Monster laughs
Published: 09/29/15

A better answer for Syrian refugees

The U.S. has joined the global bidding on Syrian refugees. At first it said it would take 10,000 Syrians. Now it says it will increase the annual U.S. overall refugee intake from 70,000 to 100,000 during the next three years to help deal with the mig...
Published: 09/29/15

Letters to the editor, Sept. 23

Not wacko
Published: 09/23/15

Serving people

Given Pope Francis’ hero status among many on the left, the fact that he hails from South America, the birthplace of Liberation Theology and the critical things he has had to say about the indifference of capitalism to the plight of the poor, s...
Published: 09/23/15

GOP’s presidential field down to the final 16

(Editor’s note: This column was written prior to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s decision to end his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination.)
Published: 09/23/15

Letters to the editor, Sept. 16

Really wrong
Updated one month ago

Ben Carson, a superior outsider

While Jeb Bush feuds with Donald Trump and others kowtow to him, only one candidate is seriously gaining on him. Ben Carson is now tied with Trump in one Iowa poll and is close in others. His rise suggests that it’s possible to catch the populi...
Updated one month ago

Defying predictions

The prices of oil, natural gas, gasoline and other carbon-based energy sources bob up and down on a sea of market forces. One day the petro price line seems headed for the sky and the next its plunging to earth. Nevertheless, given the current stage ...
Updated one month ago

Letters to the editor, Sept. 9

Cheap solution
Updated one month ago