Tarpon city attorney will retire later this year

TARPON SPRINGS - City officials will receive their legal guidance from a new source beginning this fall. City Attorney James Yacavone announced his retirement in a memo last month to the board of city commissioners, mayor and city manager. Yacavone, who also provides legal council to the city of Indian Shores, wrote in the memo that he is retiring from that duty as well as from the law firm of Frazer, Hubbard, Brandt, Trask, Yacavone, Metz and Daigneault. “I have truly enjoyed serving as the Tarpon Springs City Attorney,” he wrote. “Representing the city has been a challenging and rewarding experience for me. I’ve said this before, but I have come to realize that Tarpon Springs really is a special place — a fact that is constantly emphasized by its citizens and elected officials.”
Included in the memo is a recommendation from Yacavone to select one of his law partners, Jay Daigneault, as his replacement. Yacavone mentioned that Daigneault has successfully represented the city in “several important cases” and is familiar with some staff. The decision of naming a successor ultimately rests with the city commission, but Yacavone wrote that Daigneault will attend meetings leading up to his departure in August to become familiar with current Tarpon Springs events. Yacavone stated in his memo that now that his youngest son is on his way to college, the time is right to step away and focus on his personal and family lives. According to his profile on his law firm’s website, Yacavone joined the firm in December 2005 after practicing for more than 28 years with the Tampa-based law firm now known as Fowler White Boggs. While commending the city and its residents, Yacavone also wrote that there is a “sense of community” in Tarpon Springs that he hasn’t encountered in other cities. “The really great thing is that so many of its citizens and officials realize the city’s uniqueness and are willing to work hard to preserve it.”
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