Trout, mackerel, sharks taken north of Anclote Key

Tarpon Trading Company, (727) 937-1488: Pete says anglers have been finding big trout fishing on the grass inside the north end of Anclote Key. They’ve also been getting small sharks and mackerel there. Reds have been bunching up around Three Rooker Bar, and those working docks inside the Anclote River have been scoring on them, as well. Silver trout have been taken on the beach at both ends of Anclote Key, and snook have been collecting in the mangroves all along the back side of the island. Offshore, the best reports have been from anglers working the deep wrecks, where they have been scoring some nice amberjack.
Angler’s Depot, (727) 938-5364: Cody says not much has changed over the past week, though more and more sharks are being taken around the Anclote power plant outfall, including from the pier at Anclote Gulf Park. Most have been small blacktips and bonnetheads, though a few small bull sharks have been landed. Look for trout on the grass beds, with fish working their way to deeper water as the Gulf warms.
One Stop Bait and Tackle, (727) 842-5610: Joe says he has some regulars who brave the winds to get offshore for kings. They’ve been getting some big fish working hard bottom west of the Pasco artificial reefs. Inshore, anglers have been inching their way out to the deeper grass flats for trout, with the better fishing in 6 feet of water or more. Live shrimp and jigs are working well. Redfish action seems to have picked up, with anglers reporting finding fish in the mangroves from Hudson to the Anclote River. The key is to work the flooded mangroves when the tide is up. The fish have been in the bushes. There have not bee a lot of reports of snook caught, though anglers are seeing good numbers of fish in the Gulf Harbors channels.
The Long Pier, (727) 391-9398: The tarpon have been active at the pier at Redington Shores, with those fishing live baits off the end on outriggers hooking into some big fish. The trout bite has been good at night under the lights, with shrimp either free-lined or under a float working best. Snook have been around the pier, though there hasn’t been much action on them. Flounder are a good bet on the shallow end of the pier, with shrimp working best.
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