MMA: Jackson powers to victory

For Amar Short, the strategy was simple. To beat Ladarious Jackson, Short would need to keep the fight off the ground and use his superior striking skills. If Jackson did happen to take him down, he would then use his jiu-jitsu and wait for Jackson to make a mistake and leave him vulnerable for an armbar or his head open for a triangle choke. It's the same strategy the previous five fighters Jackson faced had hoped to implement. And like the previous five fights, Jackson's wrestling skills shattered his opponent's strategy seconds after the opening bell. Jackson took Short down with a variation of single and double leg takedowns throughout the three rounds to win a unanimous decision Saturday night during the main event of the World Class Fight League's “Breaking Point” at the Downtown Hilton in Tampa.
With the victory, Jackson moves to 6-0 in his MMA career, which started just nine months ago. The confidence Jackson has in his wrestling was evident after the fight. “They can't stop me because of my work ethic,” Jackson said. “Wrestling is a lifestyle for me. You can't become a good wrestler in two months. It takes a lot of work. I've been doing this for several years.” Jackson also realizes while he wants to be a well rounded fighter, he will rely on his strength. “I wasn't afraid to stand up with him,” Jackson said. “As you saw, I threw some punches, and I blocked some. I even tried some spinning back kicks. When I felt like I was getting in danger with the punches he threw, I went for the takedown, and I got it every time.” Jackson and his coach, Daniel Blevins, will now wait on the call from the XFC, a professional MMA organization that is based out of Tampa. XFC had been in talks with Blevins prior to the fight Saturday about a pro contract opportunity for Jackson.
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