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Seasonal Pinellas reclaimed watering curbs start Oct. 1

Seasonal reclaimed water restrictions in Pinellas County are set to begin Tuesday.

Watering will be limited to three days a week, with the days delineated by house number.

People won’t be able to use reclaimed water between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Even-numbered houses may water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Odd-numbered houses may water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. For properties containing a mix of addresses, or where an address cannot be determined, such as common areas associated with a residential subdivision, watering is permitted on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

No reclaimed watering is allowed on Mondays.

The seasonal restrictions for reclaimed water run through Nov. 30, but people are encouraged to follow them throughout the year. The restrictions are mandatory during Florida’s dry seasons: April through June and October through November.

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