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Pinellas resident recognized for life-saving first aid

PALM HARBOR — A normal day of shopping turned into anything but earlier this year for Pinellas County resident Carol Chamberlain.

On Feb. 10, Chamberlain came to the assistance of an injured woman at the Palm Harbor Walmart and administered aid that first responders deemed life-saving.

According to a report from Palm Harbor Fire Rescue, the unidentified injured woman was operating a motorized grocery cart and accidently drove into a watch display. Her leg was crushed and severely lacerated by the edge of the display.

Chamberlain responded by placing towels over the wound and applying direct pressure to control the bleeding. While keeping the bleeding down, Chamberlain spoke to the victim in a calming manner until the arrival of Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Truck 67.

The fire department recognized Chamberlain’s efforts at its April commissioners meeting by congratulating her and presenting an award for the fast-thinking efforts.

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