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East Lake High staging ‘Peter Pan’

EAST LAKE — Neverland will come to life this week in North Pinellas.

The East Lake High School Drama Department is staging three nights of “Peter Pan” at 7 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

The production is described by Theatre Director and sponsor Brad Brady on the department website as being “easily” the thespian troupe’s most expensive to date.

A cast of 53 student-actors have roles in the play and others will be involved behind the scenes. Some lead roles include: Katherine Clarke, Peter Pan; Annabelle Clawson, Wendy Darling; Daniel Miro-Chinea, Captain Hook; and Andrew Catron, Smee.

Adding to the production’s complexity, cost and visual allure is its collaboration with Hall Associates Flying Effects, an Illinois-based company that will create the illusion of Peter Pan levitating and soaring across stage.

Some cast and crew members provided a special sneak peak of the production last Friday afternoon at the East Lake Community Library.

All tickets for the three showings are general admission and cost $12 for adults and $10 for students 18 and under. Theatre doors will open each night at 6:30 p.m. and shows will start at 7.

East Lake High School is at 1300 Silver Eagle Drive.

(727) 815-1071

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