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County EMS employees honored for services

A number of local emergency medical services employees were honored by the county last week.

This year’s Paramedic of the Year is SWAT Paramedic Chris Eisenhardt.

“We want to be the best,” he said Tuesday. “We want to make sure that our head is focused and we are on point at all times.

Sunstar EMT Jay Horne was named Emergency Medical Technician of the Year.

“We are highly dedicated, highly professional and highly trained,” he said. “That is hands down the most important part of the system.”

Pinellas County 911 Telecommunicator Terri Griffin was named Emergency Medical Dispatcher of the Year. Terri and her teammates were instrumental in locating a stroke patient who was unable to provide paramedics his location. “We don’t do it for the honor or the glory,” Griffin said. “We just do it because we want to help people.”

According to a county press release, the award recipients each received a plaque and a cash award from the Pinellas Federal Credit Union.