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YMCA summer campers test skills on ropes course

TRINITY - Who's afraid of heights? Apparently not the intrepid summer campers at James P. Gills Family YMCA. Still, it might have been good advice not to look down too often as the youngsters climbed as high as treetops on the YMCA Ropes Challenge and Team Building Course last week.Youths ages 5 to 12 could choose the side of the tower that provides a rock-climbing wall while the other side has a rope ladder. To get down, campers in harness step off a platform into space and soar like a bird, zipping along a long cable.Camille - YMCA officials asked that only the campers' first names be used - looked a bit shell shocked once she planted her feet back onto terra firma. When a camp instructor asked if she wanted to go down the cable zip line again, Camille vigorously shook her head to indicate "no." Once was enough for her.At first hesitant, Wesley whooped and hollered as he traversed the zip line. Ropes course veteran Ryan added a bit of flair when he deliberately flipped upside down as he zoomed along the zip line.It's all part of the Epic Adventures Camp at Gills YMCA, Erin Stokes explained as the sports and teens director of the Trinity branch of the YMCA of the Suncoast.Campers embark on a new adventure every day, YMCA officials explained. They will focus on overcoming challenges through teamwork. Kids have the opportunity to explore their environment, find new talents, try new activities, gain independence and make lasting friendships and memories. And of course, it is a lot of fun.The Epic Adventures Camp will offer another session Aug. 5-9 at Gills YMCA. For information go online to the YMCA website or call (727) 815-1068
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