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Two women dead in home fire in Hudson

HUDSON — Two women were killed in a fire at a Hudson home this morning as a neighbor tried to pull one of the victims to safety, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said.
Firefighters received a call just after 7 a.m. and responded to 14235 Pine St., the sheriff's office said.
Jessica Keith and her roommate, Amber Lynn Jordan, both 24, died in the fire, the sheriff's office said.
The home, which is elevated with a garage on the lower floor and the living space upstairs, sits on the corner of Pine Street and Port Hudson Boulevard.
Josh Smith's girlfriend, Jessica Williams, woke him with her screams about the fire. The couple lives about 100 yards away from the house fire.
Smith said he ran out of his home and to the home on fire. When he went up the stairs to the rear door, one of the women was partially out of the door.
“First thing I come out to do ... I wanted to help. They're my neighbors,” Smith said. “The flames were shooting out the doors. The back door was off and the girl was laying out the back door half way, on fire.
“She was on flames still and I grabbed her arms to try and get her out. At the same time the flames were burning me.”
Smith suffered burns to his left hand, which was fully bandaged. He also had singed hair on his arms and on top of his head.
Smith and Williams said there also was a small dog in a cage inside the home during the fire, which fire rescue members pulled from the house and attempted to resuscitate, but could not save.
Smith said after he got the first woman out of the door and to the front patio, he yelled inside, asking if anyone else was there. The billowing smoke and flames pushed him back, he said.
Smith said he and his girlfriend spoke to Jordan and Keith on Sunday. They offered to help Smith and Williams move.
Williams said the flames were so intense that they caused the windows to melt.
“I've never seen a window melt,” Williams said. “It didn't bust, it didn't crack, it melted. ... Never seen that in my life.”
The fire is under investigation. No other information was released.