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Students turn old books into adorable critters

Books are a great way to take your mind to another reality, but what happens when you are finished with one? Do you just put it on your bookshelf and let it collect dust?

A local library decided to show people how to turn old paperback books into an adorable paper creation.

The South Holiday Branch Library invited people ages 18 and older to turn used paperbacks into paper hedgehogs.

The technique was simple. Starting with the first page, fold the page in half toward the spine, and then fold over the corners. After doing this to every page, it will result in a half circle of folded pages.

Then it’s time to decorate with googly eyes and a pipe cleaner nose to finish the charming little critter. They could even be useful, too. The paper hedgehogs can be used to hold pictures, mail, or bills.

Dee Hill came to the library just to use the computers, but she ended up participating in the craft and loving the paper hedgehog she made. She even named it Snoopy. She believes that the library activities can benefit all ages.

“It’s good for everyone to be included,” Hill said. “It would be a good mentor for the young people and it would keep the minds active for the elderly.”

Another participant, Allison Vaught, wanted to do the craft simply because the paper hedgehogs are too cute to resist. Vaught said, “I saw one of these on the desk and thought they were really cute.”

The paper hedgehog was actually a requested idea by the older crowd when they were on display at the library.

With summer kicking off, South Holiday has jammed its schedule full of free activities, especially for youngsters, Nicole Christensen, the library assistant at South Holiday, explained. “We’re really taking on a lot more than we have in other summers,” she said.

Upcoming events at South Holiday Branch include a book club for adults, miniature donkeys on June 20 and a showing of “The Lego Movie” on June 17.

The South Holiday Branch is at 4649 Mile Stretch Drive, Holiday, and the phone number is (727) 834-3331.

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