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Running of the Bulls coming to Dade City

Step aside Spain. A new company out of Boston says that thrill seekers don’t need to travel across the Atlantic to run with the bulls anymore – only to Pasco County. The Great Bull Run is staging its own version of Pamplona, Spain’s century-old tradition of running with the bulls in nine U.S. cities, including Dade City. The event, set for Feb. 1, will give participants the chance to run with real, live bulls in a closed track at Little Everglades Ranch. “There are a lot of options for people to get off their couches and get active these days, but nothing can match the thrill and excitement of sprinting alongside 1,000-pound bulls,” The Great Bull Run founder Bradford Scudder said in a news release. 
The daylong festival will feature several bull runs, a large tomato food fight dubbed the “Tomato Royale,” live music, games and food. While there is danger associated with running with large animals and runners will have to sign a waiver, organizers said precautions will be taken to make the run safe for everyone, not just the “craziest thrill seekers.” The bulls used in The Great Bull Run won’t be aggressive, fighting bulls such as the ones used in Spain, but will run the track without seeking to attack people, a news release said. Additionally, the track will allow runners to climb or slide under a barrier to avoid the bulls, and there will be nooks in the fence for runners to hide in. Tickets for The Great Bull Run will range from $50 to $120 for runners, $25 to $45 for Tomato Royale participants and cost $20 for spectators. The festival will be open to all ages, but participants must be 18 to run with the bulls.
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