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RESORCE recycling club to hunt for new base

NEW PORT RICHEY — The resourcefulness of RESORCE Recycling Club leaders may be put to the test as they face havingto scout for a new location for the group’s Reuse Factory.

Teachers could find supplies at the last Reuse Factory, on Jan. 25 at the current location, North Trinity Self Storage.

The group no longer will qualify for a free storage unit, member Monica Dear reported last week. The recycling club might not be able to afford to pay monthly rent, Dear fears.

So RESORCE must clear out its current unit and look elsewhere for a base, member Carol Basta explained.

Teachers claimed about 60 pounds of recyclable items at one recent RESORCE event that would have otherwise been thrown in the trash, destined for the landfill.

Local teachers took bags and bags of items such as clean and dry yogurt containers, coffee containers, pine cones, leftover wrapping paper, old greeting cards, along with old CDs and DVDs and a host of other items.

Without Reuse Factory, teachers have said they might have been forced to buy supplies with their own money.

RESORCE had wanted to expand Reuse Factory into a monthly event beyond participating in North Trinity Self Storage’s Spring Community Yard Sale.

The recycling club even hoped to set up regular hours Monday through Saturday for teachers to make appointments in order to pick up supplies.

RESORCE leaders, however, now must explore other options.

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