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PR service club lends a hand to Angelus

HUDSON — Port Richey Rotary volunteers expanded and spruced up the landscaping at the Angelus, which is home for 32 people with severe afflictions.
Eleven workers sacrificed a Saturday morning to make improvements on the Angelus grounds at 12413 Hudson Ave., according to the Rotary club spokesperson, Tekoa Bean. State funding cuts in recent years has meant Angelus officials rely more heavily on donations.
Port Richey Rotary President Damien D’Ascenzio and Past President Patrick Gallagher helped install the new koi pond liner, once volunteers had emptied and enlarged the original structure,
Rotarians Gil McWilliams and Gallagher helped settle the new bridge into position over the koi pond once the liner was installed and new stones placed throughout. Drew Stolec finished smoothing a freshly poured concrete walkway to the wheelchair swing.
Others who pitched in were Holly Sliz, Rich Sliz, Donna Leonard, Wayne Berryhill, Jinny Berryhill, Tekoa Bean, Perry Bean, Devin McWilliams, Sam Bean and Melissa Fahy.
Angelus Executive Director Joe Neri rolled up his sleeves and then put some hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill to feed lunch to the hungry bunch.
“All hands were on deck, that’s for sure,” Bean wrote about the project in an email.
The club thanked Steve Farrell and his Team Farrell crew for bringing the heavy equipment and working alongside Rotary volunteers. “We retained them to build the bridge itself and commission the wheelchair swing, and they really came through for us,” Bean reported.
A “couple of items” remain to be completed, according to Bean, including the placing of low-maintenance Florida-friendly plants and stones around the pond. The pond should be ready to receive the colorful carp in about six weeks.
“We are really looking forward to getting the project completed and plan to have a meeting at Angelus once it’s time to add the fish,” Bean said. “That way our members can mingle with the residents and everyone can enjoy the completed project together.”
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