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PR resident lands role on series ‘Graceland’

I’m in just about every scene with Sunjata, for the most part,” Stevens said. “I’m playing on the TAC team, like a SWAT team that deals directly with gangsters.”
The 26-year-old Port Richey resident, who said he doesn’t watch TV, had never seen “Graceland” before he started filming. After he got back from shooting, he watched the pilot and plans on binge-watching season one before heading back to Hollywood for his next segment of filming.
“I figured I’d watch the rest of the season to get better acquainted with the show,” Stevens said.
Stevens got into acting through a modeling gig at Anarchist Closet, A Tampa store specializing in new and used punk, Goth, and alternative shoes, clothes and accessories. When a call for Steampunk models went out on their Facebook, Stevens applied and landed the gig.
Steampunk, a sub-genre of science fiction that grew into a fashion and music movement, first became popular in 2005, inspiring a Victoriana-inspired, retrofuturistic look popular with Victorian-era enthusiasts, Goths and science fiction fans.
“It all stemmed from Steampunk,” Stevens said. “I liked the look and it all snowballed from there. Shortly after, I went out and got an agent.”Stevens hopes the show launches him into an acting career for other television shows and possibly movies.
“I’m hoping to stick with it through the better part of the series and plan to try to build a career off this, maybe go into acting school,” Steven said.
For now, Stevens plans to take general requirements classes at Pasco-Hernando State College starting this fall in between filming. He will continue to grow his side business, “A Sprouts Life,” which sells organically grown fruits, vegetables, flowers and seeds.
In his spare time, he reads up on botany and said pursuing a degree in the field is not outside the realm of possibility, depending on how acting goes.
“I’d be fine just doing it as personal interest,” Stevens said. “Most my days I’m usually reading up on plants anyway. I’m exploring my interests to see where they take me.”

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