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Pasco sheriff fires romantically involved employees

NEW PORT RICHEY — A long-suspected romance between a former Pasco County Sheriff’s Office sergeant and a civilian analyst he supervised led to their recent firings from the agency.

Stephen Foshey, a former sergeant of the Sex Crimes Unit, and Aimee Heinemann, a criminal analyst, were fired Nov. 27 following an internal affairs investigation into a sexual relationship in which the two are accused of having sex in the agency’s Gower’s Corners office.

The two were fired on grounds of conduct unbecoming a member of the sheriff’s office.

“This is something that the Pasco sheriff’s office will not tolerate,” Sheriff Chris Nocco said. “We hold ourselves to a higher standard. At 2 a.m., you want somebody there that will hold themselves to the highest levels of integrity.”

The pair began a sexual relationship in April 2011, when Foshey was sergeant of the Sex Crimes Unit, according to investigation files.

Both were married at the time. Foshey has since divorced, while the Heinemanns are in the process of a divorce.

Foshey and Heinemann now share a home, documents state. They could not be reached for comment.

During an internal affairs interview in May, Heinemann, employed by the sheriff’s office since August 2000, was asked if she told her husband, a Pasco deputy, that she had sex with Foshey at work. Heinemann told the investigator she did.

When asked if what she was saying was the truth, she responded, “Yes.”

The affair, documents state, was discovered by Foshey’s wife, a sheriff’s office lieutenant.

She told investigators Foshey came home after 10 p.m. on April 26, 2011, and he kissed her on the cheek. She said he smelled as though he had performed a sex act.

Foshey’s wife also said she found a Hallmark card in May 2011 in her husband’s office. It was from Foshey to Heinemann and contained suggestive language, the documents said.

Foshey’s wife also said she logged into his personal email account and found numerous exchanges between the pair.

Hints of an affair between the pair had surfaced among several members of the Sex Crimes Unit. One detective said there were rumors of it in the office, according to the internal affairs findings.

The suspicions grew stronger when Heinemann’s desk was moved into Foshey’s office. Heinemann said it was moved because of noise issues and she wanted a clear view of the registration room.

One detective told investigators: “The closeness seemed a little bit above normal for a supervisor and a subordinate to have.”

He said he would turn his siren on as he approached the office to ensure he wouldn’t walk in on Foshey and Heinemann.

The pair, although they attempted to conceal it, displayed affection in public.

During a unit lunch at a nearby Beef O’Brady’s, a detective said when he bent over in his seat to tie his shoe, he witnessed Foshey’s hand on Heinemann’s thigh. The detective said he also saw the two with their shoes touching.

The same detective said he also saw the pair kissing while sitting in Foshey’s unmarked patrol car in the restaurant’s parking lot. Heinemann denied the kiss, while Foshey said he didn’t recall that incident.

Following an April 2011 Citizen’s Academy session, investigators said, Foshey said he drove Heinemann to Safety Town for an academy session and they both returned to the Gower’s Corners office, where they had sex.

After the Heinemanns separated during the summer, they would exchange custody of their daughter at a gas station off State Road 52 and U.S. 41. Foshey was accused of parking his unmarked patrol car nearby while on duty, intimidating Heinemann’s husband. This happened in June and July, according to documents

“We have clearly investigated any allegations that come forward,” Nocco said. “We are very fair in our investigations and at the same time we are going to ensure that if someone violates a policy, they are going to be held accountable for their actions.”

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