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Pasco deputies patrol for stopped-school bus violators

With students returning to classes this week, Pasco Sheriff’s Office deputies will increase patrols near school bus stops to target drivers who illegally pass a bus.

A Pasco School District survey in March indicated that as many as 800 vehicles passed stopped school buses in a single day, according to Melanie Snow, a Sheriff’s Office public information officer.

A violation for passing on the left side carries a $269 fine and three points assessed against a driver’s license. Passing on the right side, where children load and unload, is a mandatory court appearance.

Deputies had cracked down in May at some 20 locations in the county with the most violations.

The location with the most offenders was Seven Springs Boulevard at Lassen Avenue, Sheriff’s Office records show, with 25 violations in mornings and 23 in afternoons.

Not far behind was Whitetail Lane and Enchidna Avenue, with only one fewer violations.

Other problem spots include Seven Springs Boulevard at Old Gate Circle, Whitetail Lane at Tahr Avenue and Little Road at Golf View Drive.