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Maze of some 400 quilts draws big crowds in NPR

NEW PORT RICHEY — The basketball courts at New Port Richey Recreation and Aquatic Center were a maze of fabric creations last week during the West Pasco Quilters Guild’s “Sew Many Quilts: Fabric in Motion” show.
Even if visitors attended all three days of the March 14, 15 and 16 show, they still might have run out of time to look at the some 400 quilts on display.
Guild members Beverley Giddings and Ethel D’Ascanio helped demonstrate various techniques on a huge quilt that will be a drawing prize at a 2015 show. Measuring more than six feet by eight feet when it’s finished, the quilt still requires many more months of work.
New Port Richey resident Penny Coleman demonstrated a technique called rocking hand quilting on her queen-sized quilt, “Kindergarten to College.” Coleman expects she still has two more years of work to do on it.
Quilter Annette Kocsis admired the wide range of styles, including award-winning quilts “Log Cabin with a Midas Touch” by Ruth Smith and “The Patriarch” by Melissa Lamb.
Not your grandmother’s quilt, a giraffe and lion are some of the creations by Bethany Prokopovich.
Joan Phillips received a first-place ribbon in the collaborative, domestic sewing machine category for her quilt, “Grandmother’s Garden.”
Gracie Evans, 2, saw her namesake quilt “Celebrate Gracie,” dedicated to the youngster by grandmother Rhonda Koning.
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