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Hudson Elementary observes Great American Teach-In

HUDSON — With a group of 30 orso students eying the cake, Robin Borick smeared icing on the freshly baked red velvet treat.
“How many of you like pretty cakes? Borick asked.
Several students raised their hands and shouted, “I do!”
“Well, I like baking pretty cakes,” Borick replied.
Borick, the information communication technology learning coach at Hudson Elementary School, was one of dozens of school employees, parents and area professionals who shared stories and hands-on activities related to their careers and hobbies at the school for this year's Great American Teach-In.
The annual event is held in schools nationally every November to give students exposure to various careers.
“Most of them know what family members and Mom and Dad do but they don't know all the options out there,” said Principal Tracy Graziaplene.
Hudson Elementary School brought in a wide variety of speakersfrom organizations such therapy dogschools, bakeries, medical labs, martial arts schools and more. Many were parents of students or employees of the school, said Lisa Ganes, the parent involvement coordinator for the school.
Borick showed students her electric mixer, which she calls “Monster.” //S//he bought it with allowance money after burning out three of her mother's hand mixers while//a youngster//.
//Borick// explained that good reading skills and a grasp on fractions are required to bake delicious cakes. “Reading and math skills are so important when you do any kind of baking,” she told the students gathered on the carpet around her makeshift baking station in the school's media center.
While not a baker by profession, Borick has baked several professional-grade cakes for relatives and even her own wedding, this past summer. She explained to students that even though she's out of school, she reads all the time to learn new things, including a cake embossing technique she used on her wedding cake.
After a demonstration of frosting and piping techniques, Borick invited the students to take a sample of a cake she baked and iced earlier. Several of the students thanked her on the way out of line, including fourth-grade student Alex Windsor, said he enjoyed listening to the different speakers last Wednesday.
“I really feel like it's interesting and inspirational to hear them talking about their jobs and how they can help the world,” Alex said.
While Pasco County officially celebrated its Great American Teach-In on Wednesday, several schools invited speakers in throughout the week to present to students.
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