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Fairy godmothers get girls ready for Cinderella night

TRINITY — Every teenager in high school knows how stressful it is to get ready for prom. Finding a date, buying a ticket, and booking a limo. But nothing is more stressful for a teen girl than finding that perfect dress to complete the night.

And to many girls, it’s even hard to find the funds to be able to buy the perfect dress, as well as shoes and jewelry. Well, a local program makes sure that every girl can enjoy a Cinderella night.

Last Saturday, the Cinderella Project had the first day for girls to pick out their perfect prom dresses. The Cinderella Project gives prom dresses to girls who may not be able to afford it.

The group gives away about 200 dresses to girls each prom season.

The dresses are donated, and money donated goes towards buying the dresses as well. They also have jewelry, purses, and shoes to complete the look. Dresses are available in every size, and there is even a seamstress present at the event to help alter the dresses.

There are no qualifications except for a student ID, and everything is completely free.

The program began 10 years ago in Pasco by Laurie Weiss and Olivia Crumbley, who heard about a similar program in Pinellas. And they have run it every year since until now.

The wands this year have passed to two other “fairy godmothers,” Roberta Bartlett and Julie Rockwell.

Rockwell said that she loves the program because she likes helping the girls get ready for their big prom night.

“It’s just one of those milestones in a girl’s life,” Rockwell said.

Tiffany O’Brien, a senior at Ridgewood High School, came to the Cinderella Project for the second year. She liked that it showed how you can still find a beautiful dress that didn’t just come in the newest catalogs.

“It helps to show that it’s OK to not have the latest and greatest,” O’Brien said.

Several volunteers helped out, including rookie Nancy Jacob. She was already feeling the emotions from helping the girls find their perfect dress.

“When I see some of these smiling faces, I could just cry.” Jacob said.

The Cinderella Project will also be open from 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Saturday, March 29,at a boutique at 9040 Tryfon Blvd. A-102, Trinity, at the corner of Little Road and Trinity Boulevard.

To find out more information or to make a donation call (727) 463-4306 or (630) 338- 3681.

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