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Pasco intends to boost recycling with new option

NEW PORT RICHEY - An easier option using stickers could convince more recycling supporters to stick with the county program, officials hope.

Residents can watch their mailboxes for their first copy of a recycling sticker as part of the new Choose and Use Your Own Container, according to Pasco Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Seney.
The resident can choose a can, a cart or a bin, sticker it and put it at the curb on their recycling day.

Pasco leaders and seven licensed trash haulers brainstormed how to improve curbside recycling participation, Seney said.

"Making recycling convenient to the citizens is a key," Seney said in a press release. "Rather than asking our citizens to purchase blue bags, folks can now use any permanent container they want. All they have to do is sticker it and put it by the curb."

People will, however, still be able to use bags to recycle if the choose.

"Blue and clear recycling bags can still be used," Seney stressed. "Bags don't need stickers. Trash haulers already recognize this as recycling. We don't want folks losing their stickers by putting them on bags."

The county is expanding the types of plastic allowed. Now the program will accept plastics coded No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7. No. 6 plastics, mostly things made from polystyrenes such as Styrofoam, will still not be accepted.

Since its beginning, the only types of plastic the Pasco recycling program accepted were No. 1 and 2.

The recycling stickers are free and the first one comes in the mail. Trash haulers can provide additional stickers.

Pasco County's residential curbside recycling program is available to anyone who has twice-a-week trash pickup. There is no extra charge for recycling, as it is already included in the price of trash pickup. People who use dumpsters do not have recycling service, but can use area drop-off locations.

For more information contact Seney or Mandy Stephens at the recycling department at (727) 856-4539.
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