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County chooses east side of Hicks Road for sidewalk

Pasco County has approved the final route for sidewalks to be added to Hicks Road between S.R. 52 and Hudson Avenue, bringing the project a step closer to construction in 2017.

The project will add a 6-foot sidewalk along Hicks Road for about 10,800 feet, to provide safety improvements for the residents along the roadway and provide access to the park, businesses and schools in the area.

Commissioners went along with staff recommendations for the new sidewalk on the east side of Hicks. The sidewalk would fall within an additional 10 feet of the existing right of way.

The total estimated cost for right-of-way acquisition, design and construction of the east sidewalk is $1,440,900, according to county records. Penny for Pasco sales tax revenue will pay for the project.

The route study and design phase will continue through this year, and the right-of-way acquisition phase will begin later this year and continue through 2016. The construction phase is planned for 2017.

Other phases are scheduled to be built in 2015 to extend the sidewalks north of Hudson Avenue to Veterans Memorial Park on Hicks Road and east to the campus of Hudson High and Hudson Middle schools on Cobra Way, which connects to Hudson Avenue.

In April, Deborah Bolduc, program administrator for Pasco County Engineering Services, Paul Manuel from Coastal Engineering and Pasco Commissioner Jack Mariano unveiled the alternative alignments to the public for their comments.

The majority of people at the April meeting raised their hands in favor of the east-side route, where the schools are located. Environmental impacts are thought to be minimal, the only concern being possible existing gopher tortoise burrows in the project area.

The county is seeking to increase pedestrian safety, officials explained.

The east sidewalk may impact 54 properties, requiring acquisition of 99,469 square feet of property. The west sidewalk option could have impacted 92 properties and require acquisition of 101,439 square feet.

Residents would be reimbursed for loss of property and the moving of fences and mailboxes.

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