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Bondi, Nocco announce spice arrests in Pasco

NEW PORT RICHEY - Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco announced Tuesday the arrests of four people on charges of selling synthetic marijuana, or spice, at three businesses.
Deputies made the arrests at the businesses during an operation dubbed “Operation Consequence.”
Authorities raided a Mobil gas station, 7011 Massachusetts Ave. in New Port Richey; Super K, 12838 U.S. 19 in Hudson; and Boost Mobile gas station, 3448 Grand Blvd. in Holiday. All three stores were raided about 11 a.m. Tuesday.
“Today, Sheriff Nocco and his great deputies and detectives have taken more drugs off the street,” Bondi said, while holding a packet of synthetic marijuana after the Mobil gas station raid. “Parents, this is what we’re talking about. Please take a close look at this. This isn’t meant for children. This is not meant for anyone. These are drugs. They’re lethal.”
Deputies seized 30 packets of synthetic marijuana from the Mobil gas station and more than 60 packets at the other two locations.
Those arrested will be charged with drug possession and distribution charges as well as violating Pasco County’s ordinance against the sale of synthetic drugs. The ordinance allows law enforcement to fine a business $500 per packet.
Arrested were: Mohammed Kamaluadin, 38, 11985 Hudson Ridge Drive, Apartment 304, Port Richey (Super K); Noor Jehan Merchant, 58, 8841 Cameron Crest Drive, Tampa (Mobile); Sikander Noorani, 57, 8841 Cameron Crest Drive, Tampa (Mobile); and Ahmad Rabei, 19, 3915 Berwick Drive, New Port Richey (Boost Mobile).
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