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Aspiring young musicians attend recording camp

— Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin are seen as some of the greatest rock bands of all time. Young musicians aspire to be as famous and successful as these bands, and a local camp gives teens the music knowledge and experience that all great rock stars started with.
Mullins Music presented Rock Studio, a rock music camp that aimed to educate young musicians about the recording and mixing process. The camp took place at Genesis Preparatory Academy from July 7th to July 11th.
Mullins Music is a nonprofit community music school that began in 2007, and they provide private music lessons for a variety of instruments including piano, drums, saxophones, guitars, bass guitars, clarinets, and voice lessons.
The camp was for youngsters from the age 12-18, and they were required to have one year of previous musical experience. The camp featured a variety of musicians and talented teens including guitarists, singers, drummers, keyboard players, and saxophone players.
The aspiring musicians were put into bands, they rehearsed and recorded songs, and then the songs were burned onto CDs. The week ended with a CD listening party and a concert that was open to the public. The camp gives the campers a chance to see the whole process of creating music and performing the end result.
Every camp that Mullins Music puts together has a theme. The theme for Rock Studio was Memphis, which is the city known as the birthplace for Rock and Roll music. The songs chosen by the bands had to be related to Memphis in any way, such as mentioning the city in the lyrics or the song was originally created in the city.
The bands formed through the camp are Route 64, Convergence, Keystone, and Insert Band Name Here. The mentors that guided the bands along were Eric Mullins, Marina Mullins, Coenraad Appelgrijn, and Andrew Legg.
Eric Mullins is the executive director of Rock Music and Mullins Music, as well as one of the Rock Studio mentors, and he believes that the camp lets the youngsters explore and develop their musical talent. “We want them to have fun number one,” Mullins said. “And obviously we want to challenge them.”
Coenraad Appelgrign was the mentor for the band, Route 64. He said that he hopes that Rock Studio gives the campers a chance to communicate in a more artistic way than just verbally talking.
Rachel Bowns, 15, is a singer at Rock Studio and she believes that the camp helped her improve her knowledge about the different components of music and how to put it all together. “I’m learning how to listen to different parts of the music,” Bowns said. “I’m learning a lot about the recording system.”
In the fall, Mullins Music is hosting another music camp called Rock Band, and it would take place during the school year.
Mullins Music is at 7710 Osteen Road. The phone number is (727) 856-0263.
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