The 2019 Pasco County All-Star Game will be taking place on Friday, Dec. 13, at Sunlake High School.

The game, now in its fifth year, will feature the top seniors football players throughout the county. The event, presented by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Advent Health Wesley Chapel, has grown in popularity every year and this version of the contest should provide another solid matchup between the West and East squads.

The head coach for the West All-Stars will be Fivay Coach Matt Durchik and the East All-Stars will be coached by Zephyrhills’ Nick Carroll.

Below are the rosters for the West and East teams.

East All-Stars                                       

Jelani Vassell, Wesley Chapel                                                                              

Brenden Maddox, Wesley Chapel                                                                         

Steven Mira, Wesley Chapel                                                                                

Isaiah Cole, Wesley Chapel                                                                                 

Quay Jones, Wesley Chapel                                                                                  

Tyson Gillott, Wesley Chapel                                                                              

Fletcher Martin, Wesley Chapel                                                                           

​Conner Lenczden, Wiregrass Ranch                                                                   

Robert Gibb, Wiregrass Ranch                                                                           

Josh Hood, Wiregrass Ranch                                                                              

Isaiah Miller, Wiregrass Ranch                                                                           

Nate Miller, Wiregrass Ranch                                                                              

Jonavon Tillis, Wiregrass Ranch                                                                                                                                                        

Tyler Hayes, Wiregrass Ranch                                                                           

Keith Walker, Wiregrass Ranch                                                                          

Julian Gonzalez, Wiregrass Ranch                                                                     

Jehlani Warren, Cypress Creek                                                                           

Jalen Warren, Cypress Creek                                                                             

Noah Smith, Cypress Creek                                                                               

Sebastian Bramonte, Cypress Creek                                                                 

Jovanni Addison, Cypress Creek                                                                       

Darrion Robinson, Pasco                                                                                   

Desmin Green, Pasco                                                                                       

Ivory Lopey, Pasco                                                                                            

Rubin Pickett, Pasco                                                                                        

Jordan McLaughlin, Pasco                                                                                

Cody Rand, Pasco                                                                                            

Juan Herrera, Pasco                                                                                          

Ethan Forrester, Land O' Lakes                                                                          

Jose Martinez, Zephyrhills Christian                                                                  

Cole Johnson, Zephyrhills Christian                                                                   

Tyler Davis, Zephyrhills Christian                                                                     

Malik Jones, Zephyrhills Christian                                                                    

Nick Whittington, Zephyrhills Christian                                                            

Myles Francois, Zephyrhills Christian                                                               

Demetris Wright, Zephyrhills HS                                                                       

Zion Williams, Zephyrhills HS                                                                           

A.J. Mathis, Zephyrhills HS                                                                               

Bobby Reidenbach, Zephyrhills HS                                                                   

 West All-Stars

Adam Hardy, Anclote

Breon Jackson, Anclote

Ricky Hall, Anclote

Brice Arlt, Anclote

Alvin Williams, Anclote

Demetrik Jenkins, Anclote

Bryan Hair, Fivay

​Nazavious Williams, Fivay

David Meyer, Sunlake

Dion Denmark, Fivay

Elijah Colon-Gotwalt, Fivay

Kenny Richards, Fivay

Jaqueze Richardson, Fivay

Nicholas Iovino, Fivay

Kayn Clark, Gulf

Eddie Petchulis, Gulf

Zach Spicer, Sunlake

Anthony Daher, Sunlake

Damian Riewold, Sunlake

Cayman Wiseman, Sunlake

Hunter Fieden, Sunlake

Anthony Roussos, River Ridge

Ryan Reiche, River Ridge

Quinton Stedman, River Ridge

Dylan Nichols, River Ridge

Ryan Grosso, River Ridge

Ben Smith, River Ridge

Travis Hawks, River Ridge

Marcus Berreza, Bishop McLaughlin

Ricky Stoffer, Hudson

Josh Wood, Hudson

Brad Kidwell, Hudson

William Akossou-Harvey, Hudson

Dougie Blanton, Hudson

Nick Garcia, Mitchell

Rob Graham, Mitchell

Ethan Phelps, Mitchell

Noah Midthun, Mitchell

Johnathan Nelson, Mitchell

Nick Voyer, Mitchell​