We can understand how people gingerly making their way along U.S. 19 and other heavily traveled Suncoast roadways might conclude that Florida has the worst drivers on the planet. If one newly published survey can be believed, however, Sunshine State motorists aren’t this nation’s dimmest and most dangerous.

QuoteWizard, a Seattle-based online service for insurance marketplace comparison shopping, looked at data from the Federal Highway Administration regarding vehicle crashes, speeding tickets, DUI arrests, citations and traffic fatalities. On Jan. 24 it released its list of the best and worst driving states in the U.S.

Florida ranked 40th on the QuoteWizard list of the worst driving states. In other words, only ten other states had better drivers than Florida.

In at number 50, which mean it has the best drivers, is Michigan. There is, however, an asterisk. The survey is based on the performance of insured drivers, and 20 percent of Wolverine State drivers aren’t insured. Atop the list of driver shame is Maine, which jumped from seventh on last year’s survey to number one thanks to a big jump in traffic citations and crash fatalities.

On Jan. 23, insurer State Farm issued a summary of a report by an alliance of consumer, health and safety groups and insurance companies and agents called Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. It says Florida is one of the worst states for traffic safety laws because it has only five of the laws Advocates recommends. On the other hand, California, which, according to QuoteWizard has the nation’s fourth worst drivers, has some of the country’s best safety laws, in the estimation of the Advocates. Apparently, you can have good laws and bad drivers.