Longtime visitors to this space know we take a dim view of amending the Florida constitution, especially when what is being proposed is something that clearly should remain under the control of the Legislature. Ideas like requiring the state to have a high-speed rail network, dictating class sizes to the state’s 67 school districts and mandating the size of animal cages don’t need to be in the constitution.

Another reason we don’t like to fool with the constitution is the performance of the 2018 Florida Constitution Revision Commission. Since the Constitutional Review Commission only meets once every 20 years to consider changes to the constitution, this may seem like a moot point at the moment. Still, we like the bill filed by state Sen. Jeff Brandes. The St. Petersburg Republican wants to do away with the Constitutional Revision Commission. Although many of the amendments the commission put on the ballot in 2018 were approved by Florida voters, that doesn’t mean the commission’s work wasn’t flawed.

Some people say the Legislature should fine-tune the Constitutional Revision Commission, not scrap it. If there weren’t other methods of changing the constitution, we might agree. There are, including citizen petitions, so Florida would never miss the commission.


We note with a chuckle the decision by Airbus SE to stop making its A380 super-jumbo airliner because of sinking demand. Boeing, the Chicago-based rival of European government-subsidized consortium Airbus, decided not to compete with the A380 after concluding that there was no sustainable market for the 700-passenger plane. Boeing decided to stake its future on smaller twin-engine planes, such as the 787 Dreamliner and new generations of the 737 and 777. In the end, the market-based decision was right. That’s usually the case.