No win

The EPA — the Environmental Pollution Agency — is at it again. In the interests of corporate profits, and in spite of its new director, it has lived up to its real name by lowering the frequency of testing and repair of methane gas leaks from oil and gas wells. Now it can fire half of the staff: another win for profits over promised jobs.

Methane is a more effective greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. To heck with global warming. The corporate polluters and the government they and Putin helped to elect are winning again. Now you can turn up your air conditioner, which uses electricity from power plants that produce more greenhouse gasses.

Will we ever win?

John B. Mooney


No, yes

The Nov. 6 General Election is approaching and there is one thing on the ballot you should vote against: Amendment 1, which would increase the property tax homestead exemption. I understand people aren't crazy about paying taxes, but how do we expect the officials to run the county if there are no taxes to use?

I hope that if someone calls 911 for an ambulance or fire engine, they don't hear the dispatcher say, “I'm sorry, we cannot respond to your call as there are no units available due to an empty budget for.” Be responsible and vote no on the additional exemption!

Ellen M Clark

Port Richey


Only four states permanently ban people from voting if they have a felony conviction. Florida is one, but Amendment 4 would fix that. When people complete their sentence, we expect them to get a job, pay taxes and re-join society. So, it’s not right to deny them the right to participate in their democracy by voting.

Amendment 4 would restore voting rights to ex-felons only after they’ve completed their sentence, parole and probation and it will not apply to people convicted of murder or sex crimes.

It’s time for Florida to catch up to the rest of the country. Vote yes on Amendment 4.

Gary Reynolds

Port Richey