Fix it quicker

I cross U.S. 19 heading west on Tarpon Ave by the CVS twice a week. We all know how dangerous U.S. 19 is for drivers let alone pedestrians. On 8/12/18, the crossing light did not work, so I contacted the Tarpon Springs Police Department. The police said it would be taken care of. I contacted them twice more on Aug. 14 and 18. It was still not working on Aug. 20, so I contacted Florida DOT District 7 office and contacted them five more times. On Sept. 21 the crossing light was finally fixed. It took 32 days to get the crossing light fixed. I hope no one was injured during that time and the response time to a safety issue such as this will be in days, not weeks in the future.

Robert Darrow

Tarpon Springs

Our hero

The cartoon by Andy Marlette on your Sept. 26 opinion page on “Manly Responses to Sexual Assault” was really apropos of the scene unfolding in Washington.

On one side you have decrepit old men sitting in positions of power who are accustomed to white male privilege, prejudiced against women’s rights. They do not give credence to male violence against women because, as men, they have enjoyed a congressional slush fund to pay off their victims and sexual exploits.

On the other side, you have young women of many colors who are living in today’s society and demanding that their rights control their own bodies and destinies be upheld and their voices be heard.

Christine Blasey Ford is our hero.

Kristen Lawver


No mystery

How can the state of Florida and the city of St. Petersburg wonder why red tide is getting worse? The city discharged up to 1 billion gallons of wastewater between 2015 and 2016, during the well-documented sewage crisis. While most of it was pumped underwater, up 200 million gallons was dumped into local waterways, including Tampa Bay. Raw sewage is an all-you-can-eat buffet for algae, which causes red tide.

Timothy E. Wohlfiel

New Port Richey

Democrats’ focus

The numbers are clear: unemployment is down, job opportunities are up, business growth is up, the economy is strong, the United States is returning to leadership among nations, regulations are down, and freedoms are increasing.

In the latest Fraser Institute Economic Freedom of the World Report, the United States has moved up to number 6, once again taking our place in the top 10 for national economic freedom.

But all of this will suddenly stop if Democrats take the U.S. House or Senate in the midterm elections. Democrats seemed focused on destruction and death. In a free nation, we have a moral responsibility to vote. I pray God will help us stay on course and give us guidance to vote wisely. We must vote conservative, Republican, and for those who support President Trump’s achievements and goals for the future.

Paula Sparks