Missed history

I was disappointed to see the front-page article on the Civil War re-enactors at the Hudson Regional Library, which was embracing and empowering Civil War revisionists.

The unhappy truth was, should you read the southern writing of the time and chose to decipher the “code” words, the war was about keeping people as property. It wasn’t elegant or noble.

If a truer picture were to be presented, something that would truly educate, then there should have been a large area, as appropriate for the true size of the population of the time of the housing and the slave markets the whites fought to keep as the status quo.

And before you dismiss me, I’m a retired white girl who is disgusted that we chose not to remember history and can’t learn from it.

Eileen Clarke

Bayonet Point

Out of focus

The Frasier Institute Economic Freedom of the World Report, which Paula Spark referred to in her Oct. 10 “Democrats’ Focus” letter to the editor, is produced by a libertarian conservative Canadian think tank, rating 157 countries.

Critical studies have refuted the strength of the correlation between economic freedom and growth and the arbitrary weighing procedures employed by this report. Critics cite the importance of rule of law, lack of political corruption, functioning property rights and low inflation as more valid indicators of a robust economy.

Several other factors known to impact economic growth include infrastructure, health and education, and these areas have always been a Democratic focus, not “destruction and death,” as Spark wrote. Whether Republican or Democrat, no one truly espousing American values could possibly advocate destruction and death.

In this country voting is not a moral responsibility, but a social responsibility to fulfill one’s civic duty. I sincerely hope that everyone eschews the vitriolic and reprehensible rhetoric that presently abounds in our political discourse and carefully examines the real issues, then decides for themselves which achievements and future goals they wish to support with their vote.

Beverly Gonzalez

New Port Richey