Support welcomed

The Friends of the New Port Richey Library thanks the City Council for its support.

The New Port Richey Public Library has often been described as “congested,” “noisy” and “outdated.” It was last remodeled in the 1980s, however, its programs have continued to evolve during that time, to include newer technology and advanced programs to better serve the public.

As a result, physical improvements to the library are long overdue. To that end, City Council members have demonstrated their support by approving funds to assist the library in making much-needed renovations.

The Friends of the Library was formed to support and promote our city library. It wanted the residents of New Port Richey to know their City Council is helping our library continue as a bright spot in our community.

Bonnie Martin

New Port Richey

The writer is president of Friends of the New Port Richey Library.

Health scaring

For decades opponents of universal health have called it socialism and claimed it’s not right for our country. All the while tens of thousands of uninsured were dying each year of treatable ailments and hundreds of thousands were going bankrupt. No other developed country treats its people so inhumanely.

What these other countries have in common is that their health care systems are government regulated. As a result, virtually everyone has health care at an average per capita cost half what we pay — roughly $5,000 vs $10,000. On this issue there is no political party in Europe like our Republican party. None would deprive their constituents of health care.

Our conservatives say government-regulated health care is socialism and imply that it leads to communism. The red baiting works. The communists of the Soviet Union were socialists, but the socialists of Europe are not communists.

After spending many years in Western Europe, I concluded that their parliamentary systems provide what I would call capitalism with a heart. Don’t buy into the red-baiting scare tactics. Good government can provide universal and affordable health care. Socialist yes, but not communist.

Robert G. Wilfong

New Port Richey