Prevention needed

Florida is experiencing one of its worst coastal tourist seasons in decades. Red tide is killing millions of tons of fish, forcing the closure of numerous coastal Florida tourist-oriented businesses. Compounding the problem on the East Coast is thick green slime sloshing on beaches, compliments of agriculture.

Combine red tide and green slime with fecal pollution and you have a cocktail guaranteed to send tourists elsewhere and a problem screaming for preventive action.

John Ennis


Pride wounded

We read “Fear,” a book about the Trump White House by Bob Woodward, who, with Carl Bernstein, exposed the Nixon Watergate problems. There wasn’t much new in “Fear” that wasn’t in the so-called “fake media.” The last four words summed it all up, “He’s a (popular Trump White House expletive, according to Woodward’s book, deleted) liar” which was a quote from a letter by John Dowd about his resignation as Trump’s lawyer.

I am still proud to be an American, as I have been since I raised my hand to join the Navy in 1944, but it is getting harder considering what is being said in the nation’s seat of power.

John B Mooney



As a Pasco county resident and a Jew, I find the editorial cartoon in your Nov. 7 editions responding to the synagogue shooting in Pittsburg appalling and incredibly distasteful.

I generally do not favor any political party, but I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms” and the Supreme Court’s Heller decision, which affirmed an individual’s right to possess a firearm. The cartoon’s implication that anyone who might be pro-constitution or politically “right” is also a Nazi is just not true. It is commentary like this that empowers evil, which, by the way, knows no political party affiliation.

Defining those who don’t agree with you politically as a Nazi, demonstrates an insensitivity to holocaust survivors, the people of Pittsburgh and the Jewish community abroad.

Howard Vogel

New Port Richey