Sidewalks sidelined

As a walker in lovely Tarpon Springs, I daily mourn the gross inadequacy of its sidewalks, even near schools.

I am frequently forced to cross from one side of a street to the other, often back and forth, walk on the street itself, cowering to the very edge to avoid the many vehicles, or plow through grass and the spray from lawn sprinklers.

This is both irritating and extremely dangerous. My wife was hit and killed, and I have been hit twice by inattentive drivers. Every day that walkers, cyclists, and skateboarders are forced onto the streets because of inadequate sidewalks is a day when one of us can be killed.

It upsets me to see the commissioners delay action on the proposed sidewalk, as they did in February. Some residents fretted that the sidewalk would affect their view or a tree. And how would they feel if a walker were killed in front of their house because of the lack of a sidewalk? Let's get our priorities straight.

Tom Shewell

Tarpon Springs

Over the line

I always appreciated the Suncoast News, but Marty Moore crossed a line with his March 13 column, which was a one-sided diatribe that was full of half-truths, outright lies, and gross distortions about Israel it is beyond belief that you allowed it to be published.

It is articles like this that have fed the ever-growing flames of anti-Semitism in this country and around the world. I for one will not be reading your newspaper anymore unless a clear and direct retraction is published and Marty Moore’s column is dropped. I have asked many people in this area to do the same.

Hopefully, you will do the right thing. I have no idea if Marty Moore is an anti-Semite, frankly, I don't care. At issue is the gross abuse of the truth and him using his position to foster anti-Jewish sentiments. As we saw in Pittsburgh not too long ago, that is a very dangerous thing to do.

Lawrence S. Levy

New Port Richey