Nutty idea

Wow. Amazing it is that anyone could endorse $93 trillion expense for the “Green New Deal” proposal. Every building in the country rebuilt? No more airplanes? Hard to believe anyone who supports that idea doesn’t live in a fantasy world. Let’s take care of the $22 trillion federal debt first.

Where are you going to live while your house is being torn down and rebuilt? There are’t enough human beings, material, or money in the entire world to do that. Are you nuts?

Bill Durnell


Not advocacy

I take offense at op-ed columnist Rich Lowry’s use of the term “abortion advocate.” No one on the pro-choice side of this issue has ever “advocated” abortion. It is a personal decision due to medical, financial, or extremely personal issues.

Secondly, whether a state prosecutes for the death of the unborn has nothing to do with choice. It has to do with cost. Think about it. As long as the offender receives justice, that is the key.

Lastly, please don't quote the Catholic Church on politics. First because if it is going into politics, it needs to lose its tax-exempt status. Also, the church advocates for the unborn but clearly doesn’t give two hoots about the children it has abused since time immemorial.

Terri Kraus

Spring Hill

No voice

The U.S. rejected the “Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” by a 53 to 44 margin. Sixty votes were needed to pass and only three Democrats voted with the Republicans. This bill would only affect a baby no longer in the womb; a baby who survived a botched abortion and has been born. It is a living, breathing entity separate from the mother’s body. It is defenseless and is about to be murdered if the birth mother so chooses.

Is this insanity or what? Is this who we’ve become as a nation? Ironically, we can’t construct a southern border barrier because it is “immoral,” but to kill a defenseless infant is not?

Wake up, America. It is time to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Margie Yurtinus

Spring Hill