Rare agreement

I don’t think I have ever agreed with columnist Rich Lowry before. That said, his conservative view in his March 13 column on transgender females competing in women’s sports, is convincing.

The reason there are age, weight and gender classes is to make things fair: You don’t have major league players competing against little league kids. And Lance Armstrong’s use of steroids, synthetic male hormones, and performance enhancing drugs gave him an unfair advantage over the other bicyclists. Having an androgenized, testosterone enhanced body and competing in the women’s classes puts the other girls at a disadvantage. Of course, someone with a male body has an unfair advantage in the wom-en’s leagues. What’s next? Drafting women and forcing them to take male hormones, muscle up and be good soldiers, so men are treated fairly? God Forbid.

Kristen Lawver


Liberal omission

Regarding your editorial of March 20, “Court in Play,” on the U.S. Supreme Court, I call your attention to the last sentence: “There’s a lot of time until the 2020 election determines who controls the White House and the Senate.”

Curiously, the editorial fails to include the House of Representatives, which will also be decided in the 2020 election.

Yet the editorial only mentions the White House and the Senate, both of which are controlled by Repub-licans. The omission of this closely related fact suggests to me a point of view of the writer that leans heavily in one direction.

It is omissions like this that have those of on the conservative side constantly looking out for “liberal bias by omission.”

Stu Raymond

New Port Richey

A disgrace

I can no longer stand regarding President Trump’s verbal attacks on his opponents.

One recent attack was on the late Sen. Jon McCain, a man of integrity, and honor and a war hero. Trump has none of these qualities.

Trump’s slur on McCain is unconscionable and he is a disgrace to the presidency.

Cynthia Garman

New Port Richey