No need

Regarding Pasco Commissioner Mike Wells comments in support of the Ridge Road extension project, the county already has the land and money to widen Starkey Boulevard, DeCubellis Road and Moon Lake Road. These roads make state roads 54 and 52 easily accessible from anywhere in west-central Pasco. In addition, the Florida Department of Transportation has plans to widen S.R. 52 and build an expressway down the S.R. 54 median.

The County Commission knows that these projects will negate the need for the Ridge Road extension. Sensible people know widening existing roads is less expensive than building a road through acres of pristine woodlands.

The Corps of Engineers denied a permit for the Ridge Road extension 20 years ago because of its impact on groundwater quality and stormwater flooding in neighborhoods not accustomed to it. County officials, however, are counting to lax environmental regulations in this political era to push through this boondoggle.

Linda Blake

New Port Richey

Off point

Thomas Knapp’s Feb. 28 column addressed to students calling for stricter gun controls was spot on. The editorial cartoon by Andy Marlette, which suggested Florida Republicans only care about children who are in the womb, was in poor taste.

The letters to the editor were just more of the incessant diatribe against guns, the NRA, law enforcement and our president that we have been fed since the horrible murders of 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School. The law is clear about the consequences of committing murder, but instead of justice we keep getting off point. Consequently, the real victims — the dead and their families — get lost of the political shuffle. This is beyond disgraceful.

Jennifer Claxton

Port Richey

Name calling

A recent letter called columnist Marty Moore “hateful and deranged” and claims he feeds reads unsubstantiated “lies, distortions and just plain delusional ‘facts.’ ” While Moore’s writings fare well when compared to Trump-supporting media outlets, simply put, a column’s purpose is expressing opinions. It is not reference material for scholars.

Name calling is the Trump phenomenon. Heaven help us.

Charles N. Stewart

New Port Richey


Stop and think. When our forefathers drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they had in mind that majority of the populace needed a musket or a pistol to forage for food. When the British tried to use force to dominate the colonies, it was then obvious that they would send in armed militia to control the populace. Therefore, it is then, that drafters of the Constitution foresaw the need to defend themselves.

They did not intend for the use of arms to annihilate school children or other human beings with assault-type weapons such as were used recently in various mass shootings. Let the NRA revert to its original concept of informing “hunters,” preferably with licenses, about current game issues.

J.J. Kiwala

Tarpon Springs