Big threat

Not only would this proposed Wawa gas station on Pinellas Avenue in Tarpon Springs be in a FEMA High-Risk Flood Zone, it would also sit on a federally designated wetland. The wetland is connected to a canal that leads to our bayous, the Anclote River and out into the Gulf, where our fishermen, sponge divers and tourist boats make their livings. Which, of course, have created all the businesses along the Sponge Docks.

I do not doubt the Wawa corporation would use its best technology to safeguard against leaks and spills of toxic substances. But every single one of us knows that is not enough. “Accidents” happen. Hurricanes happen. Systems fail.

If our piece of the Gulf, our bayous, our river are ruined, Tarpon Springs is ruined. Our setting on these healthy waters is our most-valuable asset. Why would someone consider putting that in jeopardy for a gas station we don't even need?

Pat Borowiec

Tarpon Springs

It’s criminal

What was all this wailing and gnashing of teeth over separating children from international criminal parents?

If 50 years ago — all our children are now senior citizens — my wife and I decided we wanted to live like Bonnie and Clyde, do you think we might forfeit any parental custodial rights? Our children would have been in foster care before the sunset.

What horse hockey. This is the byproduct of being a criminal. Stupid is as stupid does.

David Lindstedt



I find it amazing how right-wingers and Republicans don't care who they use their Standard Operating Playbook on. Recently, in a letter to the editor, David Hogg and the students who survived the Parkland massacre and vowed to continue their fight were hectored by below-the-belt cheap shots usually saved for Democratic candidates. Recently, a faked 911 call was made regarding Hogg’s residence to get photo optics of police/EMS/vans at the house. Shame on all you mindless Trumpets.

Jeff Gerbino

Shady Hills